The Ultimate in Dependable Global Mobile Communications

People everywhere are moving beyond the reach of traditional networks and expecting their connected experience to travel with them, wherever they go.

Leveraging the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium and its partners deliver ongoing innovation in global mobile communications, to help make more of the connections that matter — anywhere on the planet and in ways never thought possible.

Unmatched Reach, Reliability and Return on Investment

A recognized communications leader, Iridium works with partners to offer key advantages for land mobile voice and data, including:

  • Continuous global coverage, with competitive universal rates
  • Unmatched network availability and near real-time services
  • One-rate, global usage pricing with no roaming surcharges
  • Rugged, mobile devices with ‘always-connected’ antenna designs for increased incoming call availability
  • Easily deployed products that operate consistently globally
  • Smooth, uninterrupted connectivity available now and for decades to come through our next-generation satellite constellation

Resources and Downloads

Iridium 9555 Brochure
Iridium Extreme PTT Brochure
Iridium Extreme Brochure