Motorola Mesh WMC7300 – Wireless Modem Card

By simply inserting the wireless modem card, a user adds up to 6 Mbps burst data rates to any device with a PCMCIA card slot. The extra capacity enables application such as streaming audio and video, fast and accurate position location, and voice services. Client devices with the Motorola WMC7300 from Crosspoint Communications can form their own ad hoc, peer-to-peer network — any time, anywhere.

The WMC7300 wireless modem card for a Mesh 7300 Network operates in the licensed 4.9 GHz band, which is reserved for public safety exclusively. For users and agencies unaffiliated with public safety, Motorola offers the WMC6300, which operates in the unlicensed, 2.4 GHz band.

  • Motorola WMC7300