LAWS Hazard Alert Systems

The LAWS™ System delivers local area broadcasts of NOAA Weather Radio warnings and watches-the type of official information that can save lives during critical events.

With the LAWS™ System the proven level of preparedness currently available through NOAA Weather Radio is now offered to persons in public venues.

The LAWS™ System, a patented innovation in outdoor hazard warnings, provides a useful and cost effective solution to the need for public notification of potential risks in areas where citizens are the most vulnerable.

The LAWS™ System is engineered and manufactured in the United States. It was designed and developed by an experienced public safety officer to help provide warnings and hazard alerts to person potentially at risk from a variety of hazardous situations.

The LAWS™ System provides full coverage at special event venues with optional public safety radio interface. Other Interfaces are available.



  • Delivers High-Power Alert Siren Tone, Voice Hazard Message and Visual Notification


  • Activated Automatically by NOAA Weather (NWR) Radio Broadcasts


  • Alerts for Any Type of Hazard Covered by NWR


  • An excellent way to provide local hazard notification for parks and recreation areas without activating a municipality’s general siren system, or to supplement existingsystems


  • NWR Voice Messaging System provides more than a siren, it clarifies the threat and advises appropriate actions to be taken


  • Broadcasts specific messages, for specific audiences in specific areas


  • Provides visual Hazard Alerts for the hearing impaired


  • A cost effective alternative to traditional sirens for hazard alerts




  • LAWS Hazard Alert Systems