What is the quickest, most effective way for warning the public of man-made or natural events such as tornado, flash flood, severe weather, campus safety issue or chemical release? The most effective way for warning the public is to issue a tone and follow it with clear, intelligible voice instructions. In this way you will eliminate confusion, restore order and, most importantly, save lives.

Severe Thunderstorms

It is the familiarity of these events that makes them dangerous. Lightning and large hail resulting from these storms has caused extensive damage and injury. The paths of these events are closely tracked by the National Weather Service which issues specific warnings to those located in their anticipated trajectory. People located outdoors may not take cover unless made aware of a credible and impending threat.

A capable warning system will provide advanced warning and as well as detailed instructions as to the path and severity of these storms. Citizens can then take appropriate precautions to minimize injury or damage to property.


No sight on earth elicits a visceral response quite like that of an approaching tornado. These weather events can spring up quickly and cause incredible destruction and loss of life. People outside in tornado prone areas often misinterpret the severity of a seasonal thunderstorm unaware that it is in the process of spawning a deadly twister. Fortunately the National Weather Service has greatly improved its ability to detect and forecast the path of a newly birthed tornado. These warnings are broadcast over NOAA Weather radio but will not be heard by those outdoors without a warning system equipped to broadcast these warnings

A capable alert system strategically placed in areas where citizens may congregate outdoors will provide the earliest possible warning and instructions to those most vulnerable to injury from an approaching tornado. Early warning is key in allowing citizens the time necessary to take cover before a tornado hits.

Flash Floods

Heavy rains can cause massive volumes of water to suddenly overtake people who are outdoors and find themselves with limited options for escape. The National Weather Service broadcasts warnings of these events in areas known to be susceptible to flash floods, the problem is that these warnings are unheard since few people, if any, are listening to a weather radio.

Make sure your emergency alert system provides an effective method to warn and inform people at risk to these dramatic changes in water level.

Hazardous Materials

Many of our communities are home to businesses that either manufacture or use hazardous chemicals that present a real and present danger to the citizens surrounding these facilities. In addition, hazardous chemicals routinely pass through our communities by truck or rail. A single collision or derailment can quickly turn an otherwise safe and serene day into a race to save lives.

In the event of a chemical spill the most vulnerable people would be those outside in the direct path of noxious fumes. Unfortunately they also would be the ones least likely to be listening to local radio or television broadcasts which would alert the imminent danger.

Strategically placed alert units installed in areas where citizens gather outdoors can be used by local officials to provide a warning as well as detailed instructions regarding how to respond to the threat thereby minimizing injury and loss of life.


Wildfires can be extremely unpredictable as we see in the news every year. High winds and an available fuel source can cause a remote grass fire to suddenly expand and turn toward populated areas. The speed at which these fires can travel is surprising. Local officials can access NOAA weather radio to broadcast updated alerts and instructions to citizens potentially in the path of these dangerous fires.

Warnings and instructions broadcast through emergency alert units will give people gathering outdoors the time they need to not only find safety themselves but to take precautions to preserve property as well.

Only The Finest

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