Crosspoint Communications provides our customers with a first-rate system design team. Without ever losing sight of the customer’s requirements, our team goes to work to create the most efficient and most capable system possible. Listed below are some of the solutions our expert design team provides to our customers.

Private Trunked Radio System

Trunked radio systems are used whenever a large number of mobile radios need to share radio frequencies. Many times they are used by local government and industry to operate private systems. In a trunked radio network, a large number of workgroups can share fewer channels because the trunking equipment dynamically allocates an available channel when users key their radio. Crosspoint Communications along with our friends at Motorola and Zetron, can provide our customers with uniquely flexible solutions to meet their demand for cost-effective trunked radio communications. We can design system solutions for both single-site applications or for multi-site applications over a wide area.

Trunked Mobile Radio offers greater airtime efficiency in multichannel systems. Compared with a number of conventional single channel systems, a trunked system is more efficient, simpler to use, and less likely to be busy.

Bi-Directional Amplifier System (BDA)

In many cases, the places where reliable communications are most critical are the places that are sometimes the most difficult places for a radio signal to penetrate. These critical areas include underground parking areas, hospitals, large office buildings, subways, tunnels, and much more. Crosspoint Communications is able to design and install reliable, scalable and affordable systems that distribute RF into these difficult to reach areas. The technology, known as a Bi-Directional Amplifier System (BDA), receives the RF signal through an antenna on the outside of the structure and then distributes that signal throughout the interior of that structure by means of a network of coax or fiber-optic cables and a series of small amplifiers.

Providing ultimate channel capacity for frequencies ranging from 138 MHz through 2.4 GHz, a Crosspoint Communications designed and installed bi-directional amplifier system delivers a reliable and cost-effective solution to extend two-way wireless voice and data communication into enclosed environments experiencing coverage deficiencies.