Crosspoint Communications is an authorized Motorola Service Elite Specialist. Centrally located in Texas, Colorado and Arizona, Crosspoint Communications can meet you wherever your communications needs arise! The designation of Service Specialist means that Crosspoint Communications meets Motorola’s high level of service requirements including compliance with Motorola’s internal Environmental Health and Safety policy. Motorola requires that a minimum number of a Service Partner’s technicians achieve certification and meet rigorous training requirements to perform services on new and existing Motorola radio systems and subscribers. With our staff of factory-trained and certified technicians, you can be sure that all of your installation, service, and repair work, either onsite or at our facility will be performed in an efficient manner and to the highest standards.

Field Service

To repair and service our customers’ on-site fixed equipment, Crosspoint Communications maintains a fleet of factory-trained and certified field service technicians. Each of our experienced field technicians is not only well-acquainted with all current technology he sees out in the field, but he must also undergo continuing education to insure that he is current on any new technology coming out.

Because of the crucial nature of response time in our industry, Crosspoint Communications has invested a good deal of resources in a state-of-the-art dispatch system. Proprietary software and reliable wireless communication are the backbone of a system that insures that our response times are among the quickest in the industry.

Bench Service

For portable or mobile equipment, Crosspoint Communications provides bench service and repair that is second to none. Our bench technicians undergo the same factory training and certification that our field technicians do as well as the continuing education required to keep up with ever-changing technology.

Our bench technicians are also equipped with the finest tools and test equipment in the industry. This allows our bench technicians to quickly and certainly diagnose the problem with your equipment and to then restore it to proper working conditioning.

The right training, the right tools and the right experience all combine to give Crosspoint Communications customers a fast turn-around on their equipment repairs. In fact, at Crosspoint Communications, we are proud of the fact that our turn-times on equipment service and repair are some of the fastest in the industry.

So, when your need your valuable portable or mobile equipment fixed FAST the first time, bring it in to Crosspoint Communications. For a quote on equipment service contact us at or call toll free at 844-276-7770.