Motorola's Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS)

 Motorola’s Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS), offered through Crosspoint Communications, is a unified, simplified, smart approach that transforms the way your agency captures, stores and manages multi-media content. DEMS includes the Si Series Video Speaker Microphone that combines voice communications, body-worn video, still images, voice recording and emergency alerting into one compact, easy-to-use device reducing hardware complexity for officers and reduce costs for agencies. Integrated with our secured, cloud-based CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software, it delivers a powerful end-to-end solution.

The way you gather evidence has changed. Video holds great promise for enhancing transparency, promoting accountability and advancing public safety. Although technology provides greater opportunities to capture critical moments for more effective policing — technology can also be a burden. More devices, more data and more work.  Check out the video below to learn how Motorola Solutions and DFW Communications can help!

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