Construction Solutions


Real-world job sites bring hard knocks, dust, dirt, water, hazardous materials and temperature extremes - and plenty of noise.

Education Solutions


From playgrounds to lecture halls, Motorola’s technology solutions are enabling students to learn, grow and thrive in a safe environment.

Fire And EMS Solutions

Fire And EMS

Clear mission-critical audio combined with real-time data to Incident Commanders allows for informed, proactive decision making.

Healthcare Solutions


We understand your challenges and innovate advanced technology for healthcare.

Hospitality Solutions


Motorola Solutions is helping staff coordinate and collaborate more efficiently and productively to create a seamless experience for guests.

Law Enforcement Solutions

Law Enforcement

Motorola introduced its first police radio in 1930 and has partnered with police departments ever since.

Manufacturing Solutions


Manufacturers worldwide are transforming their workplace with Motorola’s integrated manufacturing platform and expertly integrated systems, applications, accessories and services.

Oil And Gas Solutions

Oil And Gas

Motorola Solutions understands how important it is to have mission-critical communications that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, noise, rain and toxic exposure.

Retail Solutions


With Motorola’s communication solutions you can engage with your shoppers and keep them coming back.

Transportation Solutions


When your mission matters most, there isn't time to waste struggling with poor communication or unreliable 2-Way radios.

Utilities Solutions


Motorola Solutions is helping utility companies work more efficiently, productively and safely.