A Crosspoint Career

A full-time associate will spend at least 50% of their waking hours (5-day Work Week) at work…

120 Total Hours in a 5-Day Work Week
80 Total Waking Hours (5-Day Work Week)
40 Total Hours at Work

How important is it to you to spend half of your work-week with people outside of your family that you enjoy and care about?

At Crosspoint Communications, one of the reasons people choose to come to work here and choose to STAY at work here are the people here at Crosspoint! Crosspoint Communications has a reputation in our industry as an organization with encouraging and caring people from bottom to top. More than a few associates, as well as observers outside the company, have commented about the “Family Atmosphere” at Crosspoint Communications.

The work atmosphere, however, is not the only thing that people comment on with regards to Crosspoint Communications. Crosspoint’s reputation for competence, quality and professionalism is unmatched in our industry.

So, if you are looking to become part of a highly respected company that boasts a terrific work environment, look no further than Crosspoint Communications.

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Mobile Installer (Automotive Electronics Installer), Austin, TX

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Sales Representative - Outside Denver, CO

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