Why Crosspoint Communications?

There are other qualified communications companies out there. Why should you choose Cross Communications? Learn more about Crosspoint Communications. Discover what we believe our mission to be. Get to know some of our people. We just might be the kind of company that you feel comfortable trusting your communications investment to.

What Is Crosspoint Communications?

Crosspoint Communications is not just about two-way radios anymore... We are all about CONNECTIVITY. We still sell, install and maintain the finest two-way radios and radio systems on the planet, with the help of Motorola Solutions quality equipment. However, we are now able to design solutions to connect those devices to ANY other device available to keep you in touch anytime and anywhere!

Who Is Crosspoint?

Listen as some of our team members speak about what they like best about being part of the Crosspoint Communications Team. As you will hear, a recurring theme throughout the interviews revolves around the kind of people and the work environment found at Crosspoint Communications.