Crosspoint Communications was founded on strong client service principles and a desire to focus its direction on the two-way radio communications industry.

Crosspoint Communications is a full-service wireless integrator covering a large geographic area in the Western United States. We focus on offering the most reliable products available for our customers. From the latest in mission-critical wireless communications, to highest-quality commercial communications solutions, we have you covered. 

We represent Motorola Solutions as a Platinum Elite Sales Partner as well as a Premier Service Partner.

We are Dedicated to Serving
Crosspoint is a company founded on Christian principles, and our leadership team views its role as one to serving our fellow employees and their families, our customers, and our vendors.

Our Mission Statement

To diligently service the critical communication needs of those who serve the public, with integrity and care for our employees and partners.

Our History

Although Crosspoint Communications is relatively new on the scene, our knowledge and experience in the two-way radio business is unsurpassed. Our parent company, DFW Communications, has been a premier sales and service provider for the wireless communications industry since 1996.

Crosspoint’s founders established the company on strong client service principles and a desire to focus attention directly on the needs of our customers. We’ve grown from the original 29 employees back in 1996 to over 130 dedicated sales, service and support staff today. With resources like that, you can rest assured that Crosspoint Communications will be able to stand behind the communications solutions we deliver.

Crosspoint Communications also continues to invest in the latest state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and factory training, so that we may offer our clients the most advanced communications solutions in the industry. At Crosspoint, we understand that our clients have invested a good deal in their communications equipment, and we encourage our clients to let OUR investment protect THEIR investment.

At Crosspoint Communications, our mission statement is “To diligently service the critical communication needs of those who serve the public, with integrity and care for both our employees and our partners.” Contact us today and learn more about how we accomplish this through best-in-class service on best-in-class equipment solutions.

Faithfully and competently serving a large base of Commercial and Public Safety communications equipment users since 1996.

Why Crosspoint?

Customer First
Our mission is making sure the customer is always first.

“Our DNA is from serving the Public Safety industry. We only know one way to do it.”

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competition?
Our people. We have the best staff and service team in the business. They provide outstanding service to our customers before and after the sale. We have worked hard to earn our distinguished reputation. Call on us and experience the difference.

The Market Leader for Wireless Solutions
If you are in the market for new equipment or even a completely new system, we can design, install, support, and even offer training to your people. We take pride in being part of your community.

“Our solutions are truly beneficial to our customers and take them to the next level, which improves the way they conduct their business.”

Craig Sikes

Craig Sikes
Crosspoint Vice President & COO

State-of-The-Art Equipment, Facilities, and Factory Training
At Crosspoint, we understand that our clients have invested a good deal in their communications equipment, and we encourage our clients to let our investment in technology, software and the best people protect their investment.

We have successfully implemented operations-critical and mission-critical communications solutions for numerous entities throughout the years.

Crosspoint employs many professional personnel, including technicians who are factory-trained on the most state-of-the-art communications systems. In addition to Motorola training, our associates are required to maintain industry certifications relevant to all products we sell and support. Our mission statement is “To diligently service the critical communication needs of those who serve the public, with integrity and care for our employees and partners.” We accomplish this through best-in-class service on best-in-class equipment provided by Motorola Solutions and other manufacturers.

Our Capabilities

From our award-winning equipment sales organization to our factory-certified service department, Crosspoint Communications can design, deliver, install and maintain your organization’s two-way voice and data communications to the highest of industry standards.

As a Systems Integrator, Crosspoint Communications can show you how to get connected. Your field people can be connected to your office personnel. Your two-way radios can be connected to your smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.). Through telemetry and IoT technology, your field and office personnel can be connected to your equipment and your facility! We offer wireless communications solutions that help you meet your operational needs and keep your organization running at peak efficiency.

We, at Crosspoint Communications, have one job and one job keep you, your organization and your infrastructure connected! We have built our reputation on doing that one job and we do it well.

Our Qualifications and Certifications

Our reputation is, in part, based upon our superior qualifications. Call on us and experience the difference.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Service Elite Specialist

  • Service Elite Specialist
  • Mobile Data and Video Solutions
  • Network Professional Services
  • Project 25 Digital Public Safety Communications System
  • Expert Certifications for Sales
  • R56 Site Certified Installers

Electronics Technicians Association

ETA Logo

  • ETA Advanced Certifications for Motorola Technicians

Certified Service Centers

CSC Logo

  • Certified Service Center (CSC) Status

In addition, we have the following certifications:

  • Coverage Map Development
  • Licensed Master Level Electrician
  • CET Journeyman Level Technicians
  • Comp TIA certified Technicians
  • FCC Certified Technicians
  • Integrated Command and Control Systems
  • Professional Engineering Services
  • TDMA Digital Business Communications Solutions
  • Tower Erection and Maintenance Services

Crosspoint performs over 4,000 equipment installs a year on large and small commercial vehicles as well as police, fire and other first responder units.

Learn more about our certifications

Featured Technologies & Solutions

Digital & Analog Voice/Data Communications
Advanced digital features like extended call range, enhanced sound clarity, programmable keys and various signaling options are just a few advantages your business or campus can use in day-to-day operations for optimum communication. Also, the new digital radios operate in analog mode, which allows you to migrate over to digital as your analog fleet is retired.

Emergency Notification Systems (ENS)
In the event of an emergency, the most effective way for warning people is to issue a tone and follow it with clear, intelligible voice instructions. Crosspoint can design and install the perfect emergency notification system to meet your operational needs.

Equipment Rentals
Whether you need to provide crowd control, increased communication for a mining project or emergency response for a disaster, sometimes you find yourself with the temporary need for additional radios. You can scale to meet those needs with our flexible radio rental service.

FCC Licensing Services
Working with the FCC rules and regulations can be a confusing task. We can help. Crosspoint has dedicated staff thoroughly knowledgeable regarding the relevant procedures for today’s license applications.

Mission Critical
Mission-Critical-designed P25 digital radios deliver interoperability, best in class audio quality, and intuitive performance. Select from the most advanced lineup of P25 two-way portable radios to create a customer solution that meets your agency needs.

National Accounts
Crosspoint handles National Accounts for many large, nationwide operations. Whether you operate three locations or a hundred locations, we can provide expertise in managing your needs. From maintaining inventory to serial number tracking, or many other things, Crosspoint has you covered.

RF Propagation Analysis
By combining your specific market insights along with Crosspoint’s in-depth radio propagation analysis, we can quickly create an RF network design that effectively meets your business objectives in terms of geographic area, population coverage, capacity and service offerings.

Satellite Communications
Satellite communications allow users of special hand-held phones to place and receive secure calls anywhere in the world. With 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, customers get truly global coverage and real mobility everywhere.

Surveillance Cameras
Let us design a surveillance video system for your business! We have years of experience in designing systems ranging from one camera and monitor to watch a back door, to large corporate systems, utilizing a multitude of cameras, time lapse recorders, pan, tilt and zoom operations along with remote access, facial recognition and other features designed to watch for watching parking lots, hallways, entrances, production lines, inventory and high security areas.

Total System Design
Crosspoint specializes in total system designs with a keen focus on system requirements and long-range operation. When developing a new system, there are many technical issues to consider. Crosspoint evaluates your business to create a product that fits your exact needs.

Wireless Scanners
Crosspoint has the answer for workers who need a rugged handheld computer, outside four walls. With wireless scanners it is possible to capture data on the go while staying connected with wireless voice and data transfer.

Our Safety Solutions

Crosspoint represents only the highest-quality equipment manufacturers to provide comprehensive interconnectivity solutions.

  • Motorola Solutions
  • Avigilon
  • Cobham Wireless
  • Whelen Emergency Alert Systems